Thousands of people are sleeping on cold streets tonight.

Oasis Community Housing tackles people’s immediate needs and the root causes of homelessness, including domestic abuse, job losses and trauma.

Find out more about our work: Read Sarah’s story (below)

We’re working harder than ever to give people a home this Christmas. Our Giving a Home appeal enables us to continue being a life-line for people facing homelessness throughout winter and beyond.

Homelessness is about people, not housing. People’s need for warmth, for safety and belonging.

Anything you can spare will make a huge difference to the lives of the 2,000 adults, young people and children we support every year.

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Oasis Community Housing mother and baby support

Sarah’s story

Sarah* moved into our Karis project to escape an abusive and dangerous relationship. Three months later she gave birth to her daughter.

A single mother dealing with a tiny baby in a new and unfamiliar space. Being a parent – a single parent – is challenging enough on its own, but even more so when you have the weight of an abusive relationship to process and work through. How to be a good mum when you haven’t been properly mothered yourself?

Sarah’s emotions would often spill over and, as she continued to struggle, concerns grew around her capacity to care for her baby.

Many mothers need the warmth of motherly support themselves, to help navigate building their own parenting skills. Our Karis team did just that: they worked closely with the health visitor and a nursery nurse so Sarah felt safe and supported to build the skills she needed for herself and her little girl.

Sarah also began counselling to help to heal her own wounds, alongside starting therapeutic arts and cooking courses – which our team ensured Sarah had funding for so she could attend.

Sarah still has her bad days, but these are far less than they were and she feels she is developing the skills to work through them. She is a wonderful mother; encouraging her little girl’s development and providing an environment that is stimulating and loving.

Two years on, Sarah is now ready to move on to a private tenancy, a place of her own for her and her daughter, a place where she can call home.

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* Names have been changed

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