The Gingerbread House Shop

How It Works

  1. Choose from our range of virtual delights* for yourself or someone else.
  2. Tell us what ‘Home’ means to you.
  3. See the Gingerbread House come to life and tell the world about your good deed.

*All prices are a suggested donation amount

By making a donation you are contributing to the support of around 2,000 people on their journey from and out of homelessness.

For every £2,000 raised, a gingerbread person will move into the house enabling the rebuilding of another devastated and vulnerable life – this represents the typical cost of providing comprehensive ‘wrap around’ support for someone facing homelessness over the coming year.

Christmas Campaign

Once you have donated and are a registered user, you can visit our homepage and click on a button to launch fireworks over the Gingerbread House. 
(You need to be logged in to see the button)